Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fantastic Flying Books

Yesterday morning our son woke up and informed us that now that school was back in session it was time to fix up and remodel our bedrooms in the loft. He had a plan to change them and began to draw and dream about the possibilities. We gently let him know that we wouldn't be able to hire the cranes to lift off the roof but he cleverly convinced us to move the furniture, shelves and paintings around upstairs. With a most serious look, our son made it very clear that it was most important to build more bookshelves for our growing collections. When I was about his age I traveled to England to stay with artist friends for the summer and there I discovered Tin Tin books. I've watched that book passion travel full circle this year as our son has finished 18 of Herge's amazing Tin Tin adventures.
We worked all day and around dinner time collapsed to laugh, tell stories and talk about re-inventing our spaces. Santiago reminded us about the book shelves and then after the meal he showed us this fantastic film from Moonbot Studios. It reminds us that books can be good friends and stories shape our lives.

Hoping you will check out the pure animated book magic in The Fantastic Flying Books
 of Mr. Morris Lessmore 

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