Monday, September 28, 2015

Howling at the Moon

"There are nights the wolves are silent and only the moon howls"-George Carlin

Perhaps it was because my mother used to sing an Argentinian song Cancion para bañar la luna to me as a child, but I remember staring for hours on end at the moon. As an artist I've succumbed to the moon's magnetic pull on my work. In San Miguel de Allende there is a tradition of giving your house a name and ours is called Manto de Luna-meaning cloak of the moon. Last night was one of those rare celestial events-the total supermoon lunar eclipse, right out of a science fiction novel.  I found a dark corner of Coronado Island and waited for the moon's hue to reach a blood red tint.

Winter Moon, Planter's Moon, Harvest Moon, Dragon Moon, Snow Moon, Wildcat Moon, Mulberry Moon, Moon when all things ripen, Twelfth Moon, Moon when geese return in scattered formation, Singing Moon, Lightning Moon, Flying Fish Moon. These are nicknames to describe the changing moon from Native American, New Guinea, Colonial American, Celtic and Chinese cultures.

Illuminating and inspiring poetry, music, literature, art and ME. Today I wanted to pay tribute to Earth's only natural satellite, LUNA.

Total Supermoon Lunar Eclipse from Coronado Island