Monday, July 16, 2012

Dreaming in Color

I've spent the past few days absorbing the local hues and shot these images in our town and at at a friend's ranch just outside the city with an eye on color. I've always believed that color and texture is the most direct route to the emotions of the viewer. I find that even my dreams are more vivid in San Miguel de Allende. Dream color is symbolic of the emotional state that we conjure in our mind's eye.
Enjoying the chance to give my paintbrush a short rest and using my camera.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Every community has a story to tell

Avondale Mural | Chicago Tonight | WTTW

Warm thanks to Jay Shefsky and Yasmine Rammohan for putting the wonderful piece together on the Avondale Mural for Chicago Tonight. It's a story of neighbors reclaiming their community that is well worth watching. Please click here to view the video.
A big tip of my hat to the organizers, volunteers and children who had the vision and courage to make their mural happen. Gracias to Cesareo Moreno, gifted curator of the Museum of Mexican Art Chicago, dedicated organizer Anna Sobor and mural visionary Joanie Friedman for your kindness and gift to the community. Thanks to Jim O'Connell for sharing * photos of the project.

* The spirit of community 
*Talented artist and Guardian Angel Juan Carlos had my back

A prince and princess create magic

Right hand man,13 year old Cesario Jr.

*Amazing volunteers gather to celebrate their work

* Early organization meeting of mural visionaries

The spark Joanie Friedman who ignited the project

Ambitious strategy for color

As evening falls the new mural mingles with the energy
of the intersection at Addison and Avondale