Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sensing what you see

Documenting Textures

Candy maker

Photographing Sharjah's Port


Chatting with Students

Exploring Old Sharjah

Oldest Cafe in Sharjah

Relaxing with a candy maker at the Souk

Photographing the Zodiac Dome

Iranian Architectural Influence in Old Sharjah
Museum of Islamic Civilization

What is it about travel that makes you take a journey into yourself? How to keep that spirit with you when you return home. To see, to document your own home with new eyes. To keep a record of things that pull you in. I took my students to different parts of their city and asked them to chronicle the textures and shapes as if they had never seen them before. To observe patterns and focus on the details and edges of interesting elements that we plan to incorporate into their work digitally. Watching them taught me so much. Wanted to bring you along as we walked the old part of Sharjah where fishermen lived and originally built their houses out of coral in the way we would use stones. We journeyed to an old Souk [market] visiting candy makers.  Leaving myself behind I discover new things.

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  1. I am in awe
    O como diriamos en Mexico, que barbaro, super chingon el viaje