Monday, October 29, 2012

Let's Get Rolling...

Press Proof for Adelante Poster in front of Barrio Logan Mural
Together with friends we independently printed the poster with permission from the Obama
campaign to reach Latino voters in pivotal swing states.

The pressman checks the posters printed at Diego and Son Printing. 

Thousands of posters being printed to be shipped to swing states.

Firing up the colors.

Rebecca Aguilera-Gardiner at Diego and Son Printing.
This mom and pop shop in Barrio Logan has been
at work for forty years and delivered a superb job.

Passing historical mural at Chicano Park, Barrio Logan with press proof 

Here's our wish list of Obama for America offices. Shipping to
swing states where the Latino vote can make a difference.

Let's get rolling to make sure we re-elect President Obama and secure our future. Adelante. 

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