Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Chicago Mural in Progress

I've been in Chicago now for a sizzling week working on a 150 foot long mural at Addison and Avondale. I arrived on Wednesday for a wonderful celebration with the dedicated organizers and volunteers held at the National Museum of Mexican Art. I'm headed out to keep painting but wanted to share our progress with these photos. We are preparing for the legions of children who will arrive on Thursday to complete the mural.

National Museum of Mexican Art Chicago

Mural organizer Cesario gives us a tour 

Tools of the trade

*Organizer Joanie and I at L Station

A local pelateria helps us beat the heat

Preparing the 150 feet long canvas

*My color chart to guide the volunteers

Rey Colón, Alderman of the 35th Ward

Fearless artists and volunteers attack the white wall

* We've been painting 8 hours with temperatures in the 90s
Incredible Chicago Crew Member

Creative neighborhood kids drop in to add color

Celebrating Father's Day with community service

 Local Police Sergeant stops to help after his shift

Mural Progress on day 6

The captions with * are photos of the Chicago Mural courtesy of talented photographer and friend Jim O'Donnell.


  1. thank you for this colorful addition to our neighborhood...for us and the millions who get off at Addison to go to Wrigley :-)

  2. So appreciate your kind words. Working with the organizers, neighborhood and children of Chicago was the stuff of lasting memories. My thanks to everyone who rolled up their sleeves to give a gift to the neighborhood. I'm headed to the American Library Association Convention but as soon as I return I'm posting more photos. Talk to you soon.

  3. These photos make me homesick! I wish I was back in the Windy City to watch this magnificent mural come to life. So excited for my hometown that you're adding to its beauty, Rafael. All best, Samantha