Saturday, December 24, 2011

Noche Buena

It's Christmas Eve day in San Miguel de Allende and one of my favorite traditions is to take pieces of scrap wood leftover from the year's projects and create small abstract cards on wood. Early in the morning I pack them into a satchel and together with my family we deliver them by hand to close friends and shopkeepers.

This is followed by coffee at Rincon de Don Tomas on the zocalo.

I hoped to capture the magic of La Navidad with the painting above and deliver it like my wooden cards to all the old and new friends who read this blog.
Thanks for your support and here's wishing you and yours a Christmas filled with wonder.


  1. Noche Buena, which means ‘the Good night’, is a Spanish term that refers to Christmas Eve. Cuban customs, the night is celebrated in the house. family get together and circle around the lech on or the pig roast. In spain celebrated like entire family by having a meal together, they eat seafood and homemade soup.In Latin America people meet their loved ones over a dinner.Philippines celebrated like roasted chicken, rice cakes, pig roast, quezo de bola etc. For more details refer Noche Buena

    1. Thanks for pulling together the celebrations that are like threads that unite people of the world together.