Thursday, September 29, 2011

Creating something big

It's Latino Heritage month and that's something worth celebrating all year long. Latino artists have a great tradition of murals and it's thrilling to create something big and lasting with people you've just met. I've spent a good part of this year traveling around by plane to Arizona, Chicago and Kentucky, in a car with my map all over Minnesota, a library bus in Dubai, by bike here in California and even on foot. Visiting schools, libraries, cultural events, concerts, and neighborhoods. After all that coming and going I realize that authentic Latino spirit is central to the soul of America. We are part of the colorful threads, woven into the fabric of this great place.

I know I'm traveling under a lucky star as those threads have connected me to some very inspiring people. At a conference in Alabama I heard a powerful talk by Irene Romsa who created a unique literacy outreach project for kids called Rincon de Cuentos. Yesterday she sent this video artfully put together by Mark Grant. It celebrates the people of Fort Collins, Colorado, their enthusiasm for art and strong sense of community. Painting a mural with them was like sharing a picnic on a richly woven sarape for long hours, then enjoying a memorable meal followed by great conversation with family and friends.
Have a look at this library mural project.
There's another wall waiting in Chicago so next June I look forward to connecting with that community and creating something big.

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  1. A wonderful video short about the mural. Sorry I missed you here in Rancho Cordova. We'd sure love a mural at our school....